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16/10/2017 Removal from Official List
05/10/2017 Implementation of Scheme of Arrangement
05/10/2017 Change of Director’s Interest Notice
20/09/2017 Appendix 3Z
20/09/2017 Appendix 3X
20/09/2017 Scheme of Arrangement is Now Effective
20/09/2017 Federal Court Approves the Scheme of Arrangement
15/09/2017 Results of Meeting
08/09/2017 Scheme Meeting Proxy form cut off
16/08/2017 Dispatch of Scheme Booklet
14/08/2017 Scheme Booklet & Independent Expert’s Report
14/08/2017 Registration of Scheme Booklet
10/08/2017 Court Approves Convening of Scheme Meeting
01/08/2017 Change of Registered Office
31/07/2017 June 2017 Quarterly Activities Report
04/07/2017 JV Signed on Highly Prospective Bar Twenty Gold Project
08/06/2017 Anova and Exterra Merger Presentation June 2017
08/06/2017 Anova and Exterra to Merge
25/05/2017 Second Fortune Feasibility Study Confirms Robust High Grade Gold Mine
02/05/2017 First Sorted Ore Production at Second Fortune
27/04/2017 Second Fortune Project Development Update April 2017
26/04/2017 March Quarter 2017 Activities Report
09/03/2017 Grass Flat Review Identifies Multi-Commodity Potential
08/03/2017 Second Fortune Project Development Update
27/02/2017 Second Fortune Metallurgical Test Results Confirm High Gold Recoveries
06/02/2017 Linden Star Drilling Results
02/02/2017 Exterra Change of Principal Place of Business
30/01/2017 Exterra Dec 2016 Quarterly Activites Report and App 5B
20/01/2017 Second Fortune Project Development Update
12/12/2016 Near Mine Drilling Commences at Linden Star
28/11/2016 Results of AGM 2016
28/11/2016 AGM Presentation Nov 2016
10/11/2016 Construction Commenced at Second Fortune Gold Mine
01/11/2016 Taylor Collison Research Note
31/10/2016 Exterra Annual Report 2016
28/10/2016 Notice of Annual General Meeting 2016 and Proxy
25/10/2016 Activities Report Sept Quarter 2016
13/10/2016 Exterra Completes Oversubscribed Placement
11/10/2016 Trading Halt - Capital Raising
06/10/2016 Grass Flat Gold Project Tenements Granted
28/09/2016 Results of Meeting
28/09/2016 Board Approval to Recommence Mining at Second Fortune Gold Mine
26/09/2016 Successful Ore Sorting Trial Complete at Second Fortune
20/09/2016 Corporate Update
22/08/2016 Board Restructure
17/08/2016 Exploration Results Extend Second Fortune Trend and Confirm Widespread Min’n at Linden
15/08/2016 Second Fortune Gold Mine Development Update
01/08/2016 Agreement Executed with Mitchell River Group to Develop Second Fortune Gold Mine
28/07/2016 Exterra June 2016 Quarterly Activities Report
19/07/2016 Further Gold Exploration Success at Linden
04/07/2016 Second Fortune Development Strategy Refined
30/06/2016 Widespread Gold Mineralisation in Drilling at Hill East Prospect at Linden
28/06/2016 Placement at Premium and New Path Forward for Second Fortune
06/06/2016 Moolyella Lithium Exploration Update June 2016
30/05/2016 Follow-up Drilling Commenced at Golden Orb Prospect Linden
25/05/2016 Moolyella Phase 1 Lithium Exploration Completed
17/05/2016 Update on Joint Development of Second Fortune Gold Mine
10/05/2016 Lithium Exploration Commenced at Moolyella
03/05/2016 High Grade Gold at Grass Flat Project
29/04/2016 EXC Activities Report March Quarter 2016
26/04/2016 Exterra Raises Additional $0.5 million
21/04/2016 Moolyella Lithium Project Exploration Licence Granted
20/04/2016 Placement to Advance Exploration at Linden Gold Project
20/04/2016 Joint Development Agreement with PYBAR at Second Fortune
23/03/2016 Further Lithium Results at Moolyella
01/03/2016 PIT n PORTAL Option Agreement Update
23/02/2016 Second Fortune PFS Update Feb 2016
16/02/2016 Moolyella Lithium Project Option
28/01/2016 EXC Dec Quarter 2015 Activities Report
21/12/2015 High Grade Results from Stage 2 Diamond Drilling at Second Fortune
14/12/2015 Second Fortune Stage 2 Diamond Drilling Programme Completed
30/11/2015 Results of Annual General Meeting 2015
19/11/2015 Stage 2 Diamond Drilling at Second Fortune to Commence
05/11/2015 High Grades Returned from Second Fortune Diamond Drilling
02/11/2015 Second Fortune Diamond Drilling Programme Update
30/10/2015 EXC Notice of AGM 2015
30/10/2015 Exterra Annual Report 2015
27/10/2015 EXC Activities Report September Quarter 2015
20/10/2015 Potential New Near Surface Gold Discovery at Linden
08/10/2015 Commencement of Phase 1 Drilling at Second Fortune
05/10/2015 Co-Funding Payment Received from PIT n PORTAL for Phase 1 Drilling at Second Fortune
01/10/2015 Agreement with Mining Group Moves Second Fortune Gold Mine Closer to Production
27/07/2015 Activities Report June Quarter 2015
03/06/2015 Update on Linden Sale Agreement
08/05/2015 Update on Sale of Linden Project
29/04/2015 EXC March 2015 Quarterly Activities Report
22/04/2015 Update on Sale of Linden Project
17/04/2015 Update on Sale of Linden Project
13/04/2015 Sale of Linden Project
30/01/2015 Exterra December Quarter 2014 Activities Report
31/10/2014 Activities Report Sept Quarter 2014
25/09/2014 Egerton Gold Project Option Exercise
27/08/2014 Egerton Gold Project Option Extension
18/08/2014 Linden Gold Project Regional Geochem Review and RC Drilling
07/08/2014 Exterra Press Article Kalgoorlie Miner 2nd August 2014
07/08/2014 Gold Grades over 70 g/t Au confirmed at the Egerton Gold Project
31/07/2014 Exterra June 2014 Quarterly Activities Report
24/07/2014 Second Fortune Pre-Feasibility Study
22/07/2014 Egerton Project - Gascoyne Resources RC Drilling Programme
02/07/2014 Linden Gold Project RC Drilling June 2014